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Discover what it feels like to have a team on your side. Whether you’re a business of one or a team of three, we can help you.

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Maybe you’re not a marketing or a Shopify expert. Maybe your team can only do so much. Maybe you can only do so much.

We’ve experienced the same problems as you. As people with experience in small teams (like startups and sometimes, even big corporate) and have founded businesses on our own, we’ve built a plethora of marketing and ecommerce knowledge and we are ready for the next step.

We’d like to work with people like you.

Here’s everything we can do for you

Marketing Mix Strategy

Figure out what channels to be in and how to maximize them.

Email Marketing

Grow your first party data and make your audience hooked to every single word.

Social Media Marketing

Get social with your target market and reach your engagement goals.

Content & SEO Consulting

Be the leader in your field and become your market’s go-to brand for content they need

Shopify Consulting

Get rid of your Shopify blockers faster and smarter with adhoc consulting.

Custom Ecommerce

Build an idea from scratch with a dedicated team of experts.

Our Clients

We are a freshly built, remote-first team. Whether you’re a local hospital aiming for the top spot in your area’s digital space or a solopreneur hungry for improvement, we got you.

Fractional Marketing Services | Busy But Easy Clients
Fractional Marketing Services for VTMGHI Philippines
Fractional Marketing Services |  Busy But Easy Clients

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