The Story Behind Busy But Easy

Busy But Easy has been around for over a year. I was fresh from closing down a startup my boyfriend and I founded. I was out of funds to pay for rent and other bills.

I was hanging on by a thread, lost and depressed. The only thing that kept me going (and distracted) was the hours I was putting in as the new Chief Marketing Officer for a Philippine-based health tech startup.

But even that was going downhill. I joined under the promise of equity and even until leaving my post, I didn’t see a single contract from that role.

So I founded Busy But Easy. It still feels like a corny name to me even now. The business name just came to me while I was building a single source of truth in Notion and pitching marketing plans to my previous role’s board of directors.

Essentially, I realized that I was taking off time from doing the grunt work that comes with marketing. I’ve been making sure that busy stakeholders can rest their marketing hat on me.

That’s the prologue to Busy But Easy. Now, over a year later, I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from overworked agency teams to solopreneurs to mid-size business owners.

It’s a fulfilling ride. It’s even more fulfilling now that the very bootstrapped logo I just designed on Canva has been nominated for Design Rush’s “Best Digital Marketing Agency Logo Designs”. I never imagined that Busy But Easy could even be considered for logo design awards. 

(For everyone’s info, Design Rush is an agency listing directory with a meticulously verified agency directory. You can nominate your agency for listing here.)

The Busy But Easy Team

Since its founding, we now have a growing pool of freelancers – digital marketers, web designers and developers, Shopify experts, and creatives. We have built deep relationships and networks with complementary agencies that best support our clients’ needs.

All in all, I have a positive outlook on where Busy But Easy is headed.

Here’s to more nominations in logo design awards such as DesignRush’s.

Cristina Tabag
Founder and Managing Director, Busy But Easy Digital Marketing Consulting